GB4 26 inch Large Marge Muni

GAZZILLAThis muni is, without a doubt, my favorite unicycle in the world!

The heart of this beast is the extra wide rim from Surly. This rim is one of the factory samples of Surly's new Large Marge hoop. Surly sent the wheel to me in the Spring of 2004 to test out on my muni. The width of the rim makes the 26x3 Gazzaloddi even wider. So wide, in fact that George Barnes of GB4 Mfg had to make me a super wide custom frame for it. The extra wide contact patch created by this rim and tire combo makes riding over loose, soft surfaces easy. This is the only muni that I've ever been able to easily ride over sand with. I can't wait for some snow to try it out with this winter.

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side view

Surly Large Marge and 26x3 Nokian Gazzaloddi

view to a thrill

rear view

Wider is Better